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Welcome to NBBPSG

The National Body of Black Prisoner Support Groups (NBBPSG) was established in 1998 from various groups of practitioners in the Criminal Justice Field, working directly with Black and Minority Ethnic Offenders. Our organisation is concerned with the isolation experienced by these organisations in their work and the unsupported environment, with regard to the raising and addressing of issues.

Starting a new project should always be organic. Ideas grow naturally from the people who are involved. We need to take responsibility for things around us, the things within the Criminal Justice System that have an impact on us. We need to work together to find the solution.


Capacity Builders

The Capacity Builders project will allow the NBBPSG to increase opportunities influencing policy and strategy on a local, regional and National level. The result being, an improved dialogue and understanding on the subject of offending behaviour and the impact this has on the wider community. This is intended to increase partnership approaches when tackling issues on the reduction of re-offending as part of a wider strategic agenda.

The Capacity Builders project will continue to push the NBBPSG towards becoming a national focus point for information, consultation, debate and action on behalf of all support agencies that are or would like to work and provide services for Black and Minority Ethnic offenders.

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