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About Us

The National Body of Black Prisoner Support Groups (NBBPSG) was established in 1998 from various groups of practitioners in the Criminal Justice Field, working directly with Black and Minority Ethnic Offenders. Our organisation is concerned with the isolation experienced by these organisations in their work and the un-supported environment, with regard to the raising and addressing of issues.

The organisation aims to:

  • Encourage and promote the development of a nation-wide network of support groups and services for Black and Minority Ethnic Offenders.
  • Act as a voice for Black and Minority Ethnic Offender Organisations and represent their views and concerns to the Prison Service and other agencies.
  • To publicise issues affecting Black and Minority Ethnic Offenders and their support groups.

Over the years the National Body of Black Prisoner Support Groups has maintained its profile throughout a very challenging period and has been a key participant in the Prison Service Headquarters, National Race Relations Advisory Group (Chaired by the Director General) and in national consultation/research such as the report completed by the Social Exclusion Unit (Reducing Re-offending by ex-prisoners) and Action Research to improve Race Relations in Prisons. The need to maintain this momentum has been the driving force for the development of this distinct project to ensure that the important work of the National Body of Black Prisoner Support Groups remains constant for the next few years.

Through conference events the National Body facilitates workshops on good practice, covering a range of topics including, Formulating Good Practice, Hosting Multi-Cultural Events, Effective Practice, Issues on Mental Health, Women in Prison and other relevant topics.

Current Projects

Capacity Builders

The NBBPSG's current project is the Capacity Builders project. Under this project, the NBBPSG aims to increase the numbers of BME VCS organisations that are providing services to support the resettlement of offenders back into communities resulting in greater opportunities for BME offenders to resettle back into communities and establish a life free from crime, support the family and reduce the negative effects on the family setup.

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